Podbrdo is a small village in the Municipality of Tolmin. It is located in the narrow bottom of the upper part of Baška grapa next to the Jesenice-Sežana railway line and on the road from Bohinjska Bistrica or Železniki via Petrovi Brdo to Most na Soči. It has just under 600 inhabitants (as of 2020).

The Tourist Association Podbrdo has been operating since 1999. The logo of the association is the Moehringia villosa (lat.), an endemic plant that grows only in the area of Baška Grapa, Črna prst and Porezen.

In its many years of operation, the Podbrdo Tourist Association counts the Podbrdo Trail Running Festival as one of the greatest events, which hosted everything from the world championship to the national championship, and runners from all over the world.

However the members of the association are also active in several other areas - guiding along the Rapal border, organizations of various events, participation in local activities, etc.