The 42-kilometer trail run is a unique challenge that no runner should miss. This is the first true Slovenian mountain marathon, which offers you fantastic views from Triglav to the seaside. The marathon consists of three larger ascents, the first one to Kobla, the second one to saddle Suha, below Črna prst, and the third one up over very steep Durnik to Porezen. At Porezen, your eyes can get a little bit misty, because you can see the entire lap you have already completed. The mountain marathon is a real experience for all of you who wanna become a real Slovenian »kerlc«. You can only go on this journey well prepared and well dressed, because there are 18 refreshment stations waiting for you on the route, which are staffed by volunteers with a big heart and everything you need.

You won't regret it, sign up now and become a real Slovenian "kerlc"!



Saturday, 15. 6. 2024 at 8 a.m.

Start location

TIC Podbrdo


41,2 km

Elevation gain

3110m +/-

Time limit

9 hours (finish - Podbrdo)
5,5 hours (Hudajužna – 27 km)

The match counts 3 qualification points for iTRA


41,2 km

Elevation gain

3110 m

Time limit

9 hours


The route runs through four municipalities: Bohinj, Cerkno, Tolmin and Železniki. The participants run on old 'military mulatieres' and mountain trails along the slopes of Črna prsti and Porezen. The trail starts in Podbrdo (521 m above sea level), in the old village center. First part of the route takes you from Podbrdo to Petrovo Brdo all the way up until you reach homestead Hoba. There you follow the road below the house, and continues on beautiful military muletiere track under Kup, where the first snack station is located. The trail takes you further to Kovce (1230 m above sea level). From here, the it continues via Vrh Bača (1270 m above sea level) to Kobla (1498 m above sea level). From Kobla, the route descends to the mountain Kal (1362 m above sea level), and from here to the saddle Čez Suha (1760 m above sea level), just below the peak of Črna Prst. Čez Suho is the highest point of the marathon. This is followed by long descent (950 m altitude difference) along the marked path over the saddle of Kalarsko Brdo (985 m a.s.l.) to the village Kal (817 m a.s.l.). Next, the path leads us on the asphalted road to the village Stržišče. Immediately after the snack station in the village, we descend even more across the meadows to the village Znojile (in front of the village is 1 km of asphalted road). This is followed by three kilometers of easy run, to the village of Obloke (620 m above sea level), and then to Hudajužna (361 m above sea level),the lowest point of the marathon.

Last part of the trail run starts with a long and demanding ascent (6.5 km, 1230 m of height difference) over Žetlc, Rovt, Durnik, Robija and Prehod to the hut under the peak of Porezen. From Porezen (1636 m a.s.l.) we descend on Slovenska planinska transversala route over Trtniška planina past Robar back to the finish line, in Podbrdo.


At the Podbrdo trail running festival, we strive to reduce the negative impact of the festival on the environment, so single-use cups will not be available at the refreshment stands. Runners must have their own water bottle, cup or camel bag. Upon registration, it will also be possible to purchase a reusable cup (5€).

There are 18 refreshment stations on the trail. Water, energy drinks and light snack. At the finish line, a hot meal and a drink awaits the participants.

LocationDistance from starting point
Hoba (P)3,8 km
Kovce (H+P)7,7 km
Vrh Bače (P)8,7 km
Kobla (H+P)11,4 km
Sedlo Suha (Črna prst) (H+P)14 km
Kalarsko Brdo (P)17 km
Stržišče (H+P)19,6 km
Znojile kabina (P)21 km
Znojile vas (H+P)22,3 km
Obloke (P)26 km
Hudajužna (H+P)27 km
Žetl (P)27,7 km
Rovt (H+P)29 km
Durnik 1 (H+P)30 km
Durnik 2 (H+P)30,7 km
Prehod (P)32,6 km
Porezen (H+P)33,7 km
Robar (P)37,6 km

* H=dood, P=drink​


For the run you can register electronically or at the registration desk on the day of the event. On the day of the event, the entry fee is higher and the the gift package can not be guaranteed. Registration is valid only with payment of the entry fee. The number of applications is limited to 180 participants.



Registration datePrice
until 31. 1. 202450 €
until 15. 5. 202460 €
until 9. 6. 202470 €
On the day of the event70 €

Entry fee includes: personalized staff number, with RFID chip, start gift package, refreshments with drinks, light snacks, hot meal, shower, bags for your wordrobe at the finish line, hot meal and drink at the finishing line, finisher medal for everyone, who runs to the finish line, medical first aid, protection of the mountain rescue team on the route, a medal for the successfully completed distance when the official results are announced, time credits, intermediate times and results, transport of hiking poles to Hudajužna , insurance with Zavarovalnica Triglav. But the three-day muscle inflammation is free of charge.



+ surprise

Refreshment points

along the trail

Hot meal

at finish




Women MenYear of birthAge*
Members (Female)Members (Male)1985 - 200618 - 39 years
Young veterans (Female)Young veterans (Male)1984 - 197540 – 49 years
Veterans (Female)Veterans (Male)1974 - 196550 – 59 years
Older veterans (Female)Older veterans (Male)1964 - 195560 – 69 years
Super veterans (Female)Super veterans (Male)1954 and over70 years and over

* age completed in the calendar year


The first three in the general classification receive a medal. The organizing staff have the right to make changes.

Obvezna oprema

Inspection of equipment will be mandatory when collecting starting numbers or at any time during the competition. The organizing staff marks each competitor with a special sticker to ensure that the equipment has been checked. In case of bad weathe, staff also has the right to prescribe additional mandatory equipment, necessary for the safety of the runners, no later than one day before the competition.

Start number in a visible placeMandatory
Personal drinking cupMandatory
A container for water (camel bag, soft jug, bottle...) that enables autonomy between two refreshment stationsNot necessary
Extra drink (1l) for the time between refreshments stationsRecommended
Extra food for the time between refreshmenys stations (energy bars)Not necessary
Headlamp and spare batteriesNot necessary
Astro foilRecommended
Suitable running shoesMandatory
Waterproof clothing with a hood suitable for winter conditions, in case of predicted extreme temperature in high mountainsRecommended
Hat / scarf, gloves, mittensRecommended
Mobile phoneRecommended
Basic first aid (bandage, gauze, patch)Recommended
Sun protectionRecommended


Event director: Jože Dakskobler; phone: + 386 41 837 551; e-mail:
Competition maneger: Teodor Markoč; phone: +386 40 202 449; e-mail: