General conditions of the competition

  • Each runner competes at his own risk.
  • All runners are insured with Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. .
  • The runner must have previous experience with running in nature and ultra-trail running, must not have vertigo and must be physically fit.
  • Runners under the age of 18 cannot compete in Ultra Trail Pušeljc / UTP 100+ km, Ultra Trail Pušeljc / UTP 70+ km, Mountain Marathon 4 Municipalities / GM4O 40+ km and Grapar ski Trail / GT 20+ km due to the difficulty of the race. Runners under the age of 16 cannot compete on the Rapallo trail / RT 10+km.
  • The race takes place in all weather conditions, unless the safety of the runners is compromised (extreme storm, storm, floods...). In such cases, the organizing committee will decide if the backup scenario will be taken in consideration, if there will be the change in course of the race or the competition will in all be canceled.
  • The trail routes are marked so the runners are guaranteed an easy overview of the race, without orientation problems (e.g. marking tapes, flags). Mileage markers will not be placed. With the help of volunteers, the organizer will be present at key points to help and guide the runners.
  • All runners must stick to the marked route. Any use of shortcuts and shortening of the marked route is punishable by a penalty or immediate disqualification.
  • In some parts, the route runs along traffic roads, on which the runner must follow the traffic regulations and behave as prescribed by law.
  • If the runner does not see any markers within 200 m, he must return back to the last marker and recheck the position of the trail road.
  • If the markings are very deficient or missing, runners must report this at the nearest control point or call the call center +386 31 585 523.
  • All runners must have mandatory equipment.
  • Jogging poles are allowed on all routes.
  • We recommend using GPS tracking on your watch. The download file can be found on the PTRF official page (found under »Tenders«).
  • A runner can voluntarily withdraw from the competition at any refreshment station. He must notify the organizer of his resignation immediately.

The runner commits

  • that he is fully aware of the length and characteristics of the event and is fully prepared for the event accordingly,
  • to acquire enough training and experience for self care in a natural environment, which helps managing diferent risks and problems that can accure in this type of event,
  • that he has the knowledge to cope, without external help, with different climatic conditions in all altitudes where the competition takes place (night, wind, cold, fog, rain or snow);
  • to be able to manage problems (physical or mental), which may result in burnout, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, small wounds, etc.
  • to respect nature and people and the rules of the competition,
  • that he will read all the instructions and information that will be sent before the event.
  • that as a competitor, they participate in the match at their own risk. The organizer does not take any responsibility for injuries or damage to the equipment. By participating in the event, the competitor agrees to all the rules and consequences that apply to the event.
  • Each runner must have all the mandatory equipment for the duration of the race (see paragraph EQUIPMENT). The organizer can check runners equipment at any time during the race. The runner is obliged to agree into inspection and if the equipment is not perfect, the prescribed penalties will follow.

Refreshments and checkpoints


Competitors will be provided with water, energy drinks and light food. A drink and a hot meal awaits at the finish line. Only runners with their start number in a visible place will be allowed access to the refreshment room. Food and drinks must be eaten at the refreshment stations, so the nature is not poluted with any leftovers. When leaving the refreshment station, runners must have enough fluids to reach the next one. Help from companions is also only allowed at refreshment areas, help in other places is not allowed. Food and drinks at the refreshment sations are meant for runners only.

Health care

The organizer has an official doctor of the competition, an emergency medical aid team, and 3 teams of the Mountain Rescue Unit of Slovenia. Whenever the medical staff deems that the runner is no longer able to continue the race, they can stop the competitor and provide him with proper care. In case of violations - failure to follow the instructions of the official medical staff, the competitor may be disqualified.


Time is measured by the Timing team with chips using the RaceResult system. Competitors who will not reach the time limit points (applies only races with time limits) can use transportation to the finish line! The transports will be organized in time intervals that will depend on the amount of transports. During this time, those waiting will have a warm place with available food and drinks. In all races, a competitor who withdraws must report his start number to the organizer at the call center +386 31 585 523.


to 31. 1. 2023to 15. 5. 2023to 11.6. 2023On the day of the race
RT 10+ km25 €30 €35 €35 €
GT 20+ km40 €45 €55 €55 €
GM4O 40+ km50 €60 €70 €70 €
UTP 70+ km70 €80 €90 €90 €
UTP 100+ km80 €90 €100 €100 €

Information for bank transfer:
Address: PODBRDO 73A,5243 PODBRDO, SLOVENIJA – 705
Purpose code: GDSV
Purpose: BIB - Name and Surname
IBAN: SI56-0475-3000-0320-392
Reference: SI 00 2024+(BIB)


In case of cancellation of the competition due to force majeure (epidemic or bad weather), we offer two options::
• Transfer of the entire entry fee to the next year
• Refund of 60% registration fee and 20% discount on registration in the next year
In case of cancelation of competitors because of injury or infection (with medical certificate):
• Transfer of the entire entry fee to the different person
• Transfer of the entire entry fee to the next year

In other cases, the entry fee is not refundable due to the demanding organization.

Obvezna oprema

100+km 70+km 40+km 20+km 10+km
Start number in a visible placeMandatoryMandatoryMandatoryMandatoryMandatory
Personal drinking cup MandatoryMandatoryMandatoryMandatoryMandatory
A container for water (camel bag, soft jug, bottle...) that enables autonomy between two refreshment stations MandatoryMandatoryNot necessaryMandatoryNot necessary
Extra drink (1l) for the time between refreshments stationsMandatoryMandatoryRecommended MandatoryMandatory
Extra food for the time between refreshmenys stations (energy bars) Recommended Recommended Not necessaryNot necessaryNot necessary
Headlamp and spare batteries MandatoryMandatoryNot necessaryNot necessaryNot necessary
Astro foil MandatoryMandatoryRecommended Recommended Recommended
Suitable running shoes MandatoryMandatoryMandatoryMandatoryMandatory
Waterproof clothing with a hood suitable for winter conditions, in case of predicted extreme temperature in high mountains MandatoryMandatoryRecommended MandatoryNot necessary
Windbreaker MandatoryMandatoryRecommended MandatoryRecommended
Hat / scarf, gloves, mittensRecommended Recommended Recommended Recommended Not necessary
WhistleMandatoryMandatoryRecommended Recommended Not necessary
Mobile phoneMandatoryMandatoryRecommended MandatoryMandatory
Basic first aid (bandage, gauze, patch) MandatoryMandatoryRecommended MandatoryMandatory
Sun protectionRecommended Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended

Inspection of equipment will be mandatory when collecting starting numbers or at any time during the competition. The organizing staff marks each competitor with a special sticker to ensure that the equipment has been checked. In case of bad weathe, staff also has the right to prescribe additional mandatory equipment, necessary for the safety of the runners, no later than one day before the competition.

Photos and film material

Runners accept that the photographs and video material recorded during the race can be used for promotional purposes.


Competitors participate in the competition at their own risk. The organizer does not take responsibility for injuries or damage to equipment. By participating in the race, the runner agrees to all the rules and consequences that apply to the event.


The organizer accepts complaints by the following procedure: All complaints must be filed within half an hour after the runner's arrival at the finish line in writing with a deposit of EUR 50. The appeal will be examined by the jury of the organizing committee and will answer as soon as possible. There is no appeal against the decision of the jury; the decision is final. All complaints must be submitted in writing and with additional documentation (photo material or at least three witnesses).

The Jury consists of:

  • Race director
  • Technical Manager
  • The head of the checkpoint or refreshment stations, depending on the individual complaint.
  • Other voleentires who are considered competent in a specific dispute or complaint (appointed by the race director)

The final version of the competition instructions will be published on the website one month before the race. Verbal instructions will be given before each start of each race.

Immediate changes / information

Final changes and information will be posted on our website a month before the event. Technical guidance will be available for each distance separately.


The use of doping is absolutely prohibited. If there is a need for testing, the organizer will use the necessary means and resources.

Penalties and prohibitions

  • All runners must stick to the marked route. Every runner must be registered at all checkpoints. The penalty for missing a checkpoint is up to 2 hours - depending on the situation.
  • Incomplete mandatory equipment (the organizer can check it at during the competetiton). Each runner must have and must show the mandatory equipment, if required by the organizer. The penalty for incomplete mandatory equipment is 0.5 hour for each missing part. Failure to show equipment is disqualifation.
  • Waste spillage on the track. Disqualification.
  • If runner arrives to the refreshment station/control using th shortcut or unmarked road, a penalty of at least one hour can be used.
  • Use of transportation during the race. Permanent disqualification.
  • Not helping a teammate in trouble. Disqualification.
  • Insults or threats to the organizer or volunteers along the course. Disqualification.
  • Exceeding time limits. Disqualification.
  • Use of additional assistance between stations - 1 hour penalty
  • Disqualification or penalty can follow immediately or upon discovery of irregularities.