The 100-kilometer challenge is for experienced trail runners, as it offers you the enjoyment of unspoilt nature on the ridges of 5 municipalities: Tolmin, Bohinj, Cerkno, Gorenja vas – Poljane and Železniki. On this wonderful route, you will conquered five peaks: Sedlo pod Črna prstja, Porezen, Blegoš, Ratitovec and Lajnar. All of the hard work and effort will be rewarded by attractive views of the Julian Alps, Karavanke, Prealpine hills.

Gather your courage and sign up for the royal route, ULTRA TRAIL PUŠELJC 100+ km.



Friday, 14. 6. 2024 ob 11 p.m.

Start location

TIC Podbrdo


103,8 km

Elevation gain

6520 m +/-

Time limit

30 hours (finish Podbrdo)
13 hours (Kopačnica – 50 km)
19 hours (Železniki – 74 km)

The match counts 5 qualification points for iTRA


103,8 km

Elevation gain

6520 m

Time limit

30 hours


The length of the route is 103 km with a 6,600 m ascents and just as many descents. The route goes from Podbrdo (start of the trail) – Kovce – Bačarsko sedlo - Kobla - Čez Suho – Kal – Stržišče – Obloke – Hudajužna – Durnik – Porezen – Vrše – Tuškov grič – Črni Vrh – Robidnca – Kopačnica – Leskovica – Blegoš – Črni Kal – Martinj vrh – Ojstri vrh – Železniki – Ratitovec – Dajnarska planina – Soriška planina – Lajnar – Kovce and returns back to Podbrdo (finish of the trail).


At the Podbrdo trail running festival, we strive to reduce the negative impact of the festival on the environment, so single-use cups will not be available at the refreshment stands. Runners must have their own water bottle, cup or camel bag. Upon registration, it will also be possible to purchase a reusable cup (5€).

There are 10 refreshment stations on the trail. Water, energy drinks, light snacks and a hot meal will be provided for runners in two supply centers (Kopačnica and Železniki) and in Hudajužna. At the finish line, a hot meal and a drink awaits the participants.

Location Distance from starting point
Črna prst (P+ LH)13,3 km
Hudajužna (TO+ LH+ P)26 km
Porezen (P+ LH)32 km
Črni vrh (P+ LH)42 km
Kopačnica (TO+ LH+ P)50 km
Blegoš (P+ LH)58 km
Martinj vrh (P+ LH)63 km
Železniki (TO+ LH+ P)74 km
Prtovč (P)80 km
Ratitovec (P+ LH)85 km
Dajnarska planina (P+ LH)88 km
Soriška planina (P+ LH)93 km
Kovce(P+ LH)96 km

* TO=hot meal, P=drink​, LH=light snack


For the run you can register electronically or at the registration desk on the day of the event. On the day of the event, the entry fee is higher and the the gift package can not be guaranteed. Registration is valid only with payment of the entry fee. The number of applications is limited to 50 participants.



Registration datePrice
until 31. 1. 202480 €
until 15. 5. 202490 €
until 9. 6. 2024100 €
On the day of the event100 €

Entry fee includes: personalized staff number, with RFID chip, start gift package, refreshments with drinks, light snacks, hot meal, shower and changing room at the finish line (bags for your wordrobe), hot meal and drink at the finishing line, finisher medal for everyone, who runs to the finish line, medical first aid, protection of the mountain rescue team on the route, a medal for the successfully completed distance when the official results are announced, time credits, intermediate times and results, transport of the changing wardrobe in Kopačnica and Železniki, transport of runners who quit in Kopačnica, Železniki and Soriška planina back to Podbrdo, insurance with Zavarovalnica Triglav. But the five-day muscle inflammation is free of charge.



+ surprise

Refreshment points

along the trail

Hot meal

at finish




up to 35 yearsup to 35 years
36 – 55 years36 – 55 years
over 55 yearsover 55 years


The first three men and women in all categories receive a medal. For absolute category the awards ceremony will take place when first three arrive at the finish.

All other categories will be awarded individually upon arrival at the destination or by mail. The results of the competition will be announced after the end of the competition (Sunday, June 16, 2024 at 7:00 a.m.).


Inspection of equipment will be mandatory when collecting starting numbers or at any time during the competition. The organizing staff marks each competitor with a special sticker to ensure that the equipment has been checked. In case of bad weathe, staff also has the right to prescribe additional mandatory equipment, necessary for the safety of the runners, no later than one day before the competition.

Start number in a visible placeMandatory
Personal drinking cup Mandatory
A container for water (camel bag, soft jug, bottle...) that enables autonomy between two refreshment stations Mandatory
Extra drink (1l) for the time between refreshments stationsMandatory
Extra food for the time between refreshmenys stations (energy bars) Mandatory
Headlamp and spare batteries Mandatory
Astro foil Mandatory
Suitable running shoes Mandatory
Waterproof clothing with a hood suitable for winter conditions, in case of predicted extreme temperature in high mountains Mandatory
Windbreaker Mandatory
Hat / scarf, gloves, mittensRecommended
Mobile phoneMandatory
Basic first aid (bandage, gauze, patch) Mandatory
Sun protectionRecommended


Event director: Jože Dakskobler; phone: + 386 41 837 551; e-mail:
Competition maneger: Teodor Markoč; phone: +386 40 202 449; e-mail: