I. The GMO4O Friends Club is established with the aim of promoting the Baška Grape and its natural beauty, associated with free movement in unspoilt nature, in connection with tourism and mountaineering.

II. The headquarters of the club is located in the Mountain House at Petrov Brdo.

III. The GM4O Club operates within the framework of the Podbrdo Tourist Board as an independent section with independent leadership.

IV. The GM4O Friends Club has two categories of members, namely:

  • GM4O category: anyone who completes the route of the mountain marathon of the four municipalities in 8 hours (applies to both men and women) can be a member.
  • GM4O Extreme: Anyone who completes the course of the Four Municipalities Mountain Marathon 3X in 24 hours (men) or 2X in 16 hours (women) is eligible for membership.
  • The time is extended to 26 hours for men over 50 and 18 hours for women over 50.

V. The route of the Four Municipalities Mountain Marathon follows the original route GM4O, Petrovo Brdo - Petrovo Brdo.

VI. The route must be completed without the use of any aids or assistance from other persons. Only the use of walking poles is allowed. During the route, it is allowed to provide food and drink, refreshments and spare clothing and footwear. The use of a mobile phone and the accompaniment of third parties are allowed.

VII. There are no checkpoints on the route, time is self-timed, everything is based on fairness and the code of mountaineering ethics.

VIII. All the information required for entry in the register of members is entered by each person in a special form, which is available at the Mountain Lodge at Petrov Brdo. This information is subsequently entered in the register of members.

IX. The GM4O Club Members' Meeting is held annually in December at a pre-announced location. All new members are awarded a GM4O Club Member plaque and an Extreme Section Membership plaque.

X. Participants complete the route and thus the entry in the Membership Book at their own request and at their own risk.

XI. The entry in the Membership Register is valid from July 2006 onwards.

Podbrdo, August 2006